Bay windows

Bay WindowsThese continue to be a challenge as many people would like to have the flexibility and choice with bays that you have with conventional windows and things have certainly come a long way in recent years.

We are now able to fit poles in bays. They are available in many different colours and styles and can accommodate up to 5 bends. The curtains pass the brackets via specially designed ‘C’ rings. One word of warning is don’t expect this option to come cheaply as the poles and rings are pricey and the fitting can be very tricky. However the end result is usually very eyecatching and shows off a bay to its full potential especially if teamed with a stylish pinch pleat header.

Tracks that bend both ways and are ceiling mounted offer a clean, crisp solution and if you are intent on hiding the tracking systems completely then a pinch pleat valance or an upholstered pelmet will do the job nicely.